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Amy Jean has truly made her mark in the ever-growing brow and lash industry, and now she is expanding her lash services outside her own salons with a Keratin Lash Lifting Kit.

“The Lash ElevateTM with Keratin treatment is a game changer particularly for women who lust after darker, longer lashes, but can’t face the high maintenance factor of extensions,” says international celebrity lash and brow artist, Amy Jean. “Not only does this treatment tint, lift and curl your natural lashes, using Keratin in the final step means your lashes get some good-for-you nourishment too.”

Like a perm for your lashes, the treatment bends and lifts straight lashes upwards thereby creating the appearance of fuller, longer lashes, and can be combined with a tint to darken light hair. Stepping into AJ’s breathtakingly gorgeous salon in Sydney’s CBD, she assures me the treatment will be very relaxing for me as all I have to do is lie down and close my eyes.

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