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A month ago, I had no idea that a lash lift treatment like Lash Elevate existed. And now I have no idea how I have existed this long on Earth without it.

“What is it?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever had done to my lashes. EVER.

I’m lucky enough to have been blessed with long lashes. Unfortunately, they stick STRAIGHT out so you’d never know how long they were unless I told you, then turned my head in a rather awkward attempt to prove their length to you side-on.

I know what you’re thinking: “There are things called eyelash curlers, Liz. You should maybe get on that.”

Yep. Been there, tried to curl that. I’ve tried regular curlers, ones with extra divots to REALLY curl, and even heated eyelash curlers. My lashes are steadfast in their determination to stick straight out, longer than long but invisibly so.

The idea of extensions tickled my fancy briefly, but then I found out you can’t rub your eyes or the lashes fall out. Which would be fine if I didn’t have hayfever and spend approximately 72 per cent of my life rubbing my eyes. Sigh.

Then I heard about lash lifts. Specifically the Lash Elevate treatment at Amy Jean Eye Couture on James St in Fortitude Valley.

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